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Marion Bernstein

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Marion is a lifestyle writer for Time Out, Bustle, and InsideHook. Her work has also been featured in Brooklyn Magazine, Huffington Post, and Foodbeast. Contact her at

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Tony article
Time Out

Famous cocktails invented in NYC bars

From the Martini to the Manhattan, the Penicillin to picklebacks, you can trace their origin stories right back here to the Big Apple. Read on to find out where in New York these famous classic cocktails were invented, who invented them, and most importantly, where you can drink them today.

Summerhill pyramid winery kelowna okanagan valley 768x512 article

Our Neighbor to the North Offers Much More Than Icewine

In the wake of election results, the reality is, due to visa regulations many Americans will not be able to physically move to Canada—but—that doesn’t mean you can’t seek asylum in a glass.

Polish article
Time Out

The best Polish restaurants in NYC

From soft and pillowy potato-and-cheese-stuffed pierogies to velvety white borscht adorned with savory bites of grilled kielbasa, New York’s plethora of Polish eateries offer just what the doctor ordered.

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24 Unique 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

The holiday season has descended upon us and that means it's time to shop for the ones we love. Whether you're shopping for family, friends, or partners, you'll find what you need right here with these 24 unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your 2016 list.

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Time Out

The best restaurants open on Christmas Day in NYC

Those looking for hassle-free dining in NYC can save time cooking and cleaning by dining out at one of the best restaurants open on Christmas Day.

Image article
Time Out

The best bars open on Christmas in NYC

The holidays are great and all, but sometimes you need a break from family, traveling and shopping stress—that’s when these bars open on Christmas come in. Contrary to popular belief, some of the best bars in NYC are actually open on December 25, and in the words of our dear Leonard Cohen, hallelujah.

Larry hoffman caribbean jerk buffalo wings flickr 768x514 article

Pair Wine With Your Game Day Wings, And Say Goodbye to Beer Bloat

Don’t get me wrong, I love some wings and Yuengs (Yuengling). But sometimes I want the satisfaction of a Sunday funday wing buzz without all the unwanted beer bloat. That’s why I set out to pair my favorite chicken wing flavors with various wines, and I’m here to tell you how you can, too.

Hal article
Time Out

The best Halloween parties in NYC 2016

Looking for Halloween parties? NYC’s 2016 calendar has the best fetes for dressing in your spookiest costumes.

Ram2 article


Mount Rushmore, Yosemite, Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard … there’s no shortage of reasons to hit the road and explore this great nation of ours. And now, the best reason of all: ramen.

Ny article
Time Out

Best upstate New York resorts for weekend getaways

Head to these upstate New York resorts for an escape from the concrete jungle and some spectacular nature-based R&R.

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Time Out

Best kitchen stores in NYC

Hear us out—it’s worth visiting these kitchen stores in NYC. Contrary to popular belief, not all New Yorkers survive on a diet of happy hours, Seamless and bacon egg and cheese sandwiches (though many do). For those of you who actually utilize the pint-size kitchens in your pre-war apartments, we know how important it is to keep them well-stocked with cooking essentials. Thankfully, New York has a bevy of affordable kitchenware stores that’ll help you do just that.

Ram article


You know the saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”? Nowhere is that phrase truer than inside of a steaming hot bowl of ramen. It’s Japan’s comfort food of choice. It got you through college. And now, it’s the number one form of currency in American prisons. The dish is undoubtedly well-known and -loved the world over. But when it comes to the details, how much do you really know about this slurpable noodle soup?

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5 Wine-Based Cocktails To Sip Under The Late Summer Sun

There are few things more refreshing than a late summer cocktail. But as much as I love Labor Day drinking, I'm not always eager to indulge in copious amounts of hard liquor in 90 degree heat. That's why I love celebrating my last few weeks of summer with refreshing, low ABV wine-based cocktails.

Nationalfoods h 1472844957 article


Thanks to social media, we now have the privilege of celebrating 291 national food and drinks spread across 214 calendar days. That’s a lot of celebrating and a lot of calories — especially when six variations of National Pizza Day exist.

Image article
Time Out

The best deep-dish pizza spots in NYC

When searching for the best pizza, Gothamites tend to gravitate toward classic New York–style folding slices and bubbly, Neapolitan-inspired rounds. While we’re always down for a classic pie from Italian restaurants or a good ol’ pepperoni slice, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit there are times we crave the thick, casserole-like quality of a meaty Chicago deep-dish.